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With our state-of-the-art features, you are ahead of the future. LabV helps you transition your laboratory and processes to higher standards. Secure and simple.

Here is what sets us apart.

LabV is packed with features to make your workflow easier, more secure and future-proof. Get ready for a new chapter in your laboratory.
Hand grip
Effortless device integration
data mining
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Lab management the new way.

A new laboratory experience for everyone.

Less effort
Less effort
More time for tests, interpretation of data and for your customers. LabV organizes itself.
Complete documentation
Complete documentation
Effortless documentation of your tests and data in the laboratory. In line with compliance.
Modern database
Modern database
Intelligent analysis and forecasts right at your fingertip. LabV imports and stores your data centralized.
Scalable and secure
Scalable and secure
The software is always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere in the world.
Cost effective
Cost effective
Initial setup and implementation require less investment. You only pay for what you need.
Cloud basedHighest security
Cloud based
With our modern AWS-backed cloud system we can provide world-class performance and security.
Your advantages with LabV.

LabV builds the fundament of your digitalization.

Get ready for industry 4.0 standards. Acessible from anywhere with all core functions for end-to-end lab management.
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Fast device integration
Connect your devices easily, inexpensively and regardless of the manufacturer. LabV has a constantly growing device database and can also quickly offer a solution for new devices.
Device integration
Unified storing
Automatically import all measurement data into a central and secure database solution. Cloud-based and secured with the highest standards.
Unified storing
Clear project management
Create custom test projects to import and store data from all tests from different gauges.
Clear project management
Individual access rights
Work together with your colleagues on test projects and determine who has which access and editing rights and with whom you want to share the test results.
Individual access rights
Clear results
See all test results at a glance. LabV offers you the possibility to customize the result view according to your needs, with the further option to display them as a table or as a graph. In addition, you can add information such as images or documents to the result.
Clear results
Excel export
Export all measurement results in a project to an Excel file in a structured manner in order to carry out further analyzes and prepare the data for test reports.
Excel export

All of your data. Organized and secured.

LabV helps to organize and future-proof your laboratory. Make the best out of your data.
  • Secure AWS cloud
  • Complete documentation
  • End-to-end collaboration
  • Scalable and cost-effective
  • Visualize your data