The lab data platform.

LabV links your data and test devices intelligently and simplifies material development. Detect trends and anomalies at an early stage to ensure and optimize your product quality. 

lab device interface

Testing labs are not using one of their most valuable resources - Data!

Only 12.5% of labs are prepared to use their data intelligently. But why? Manual and paper-based processes still dominate labs. Due to a variety of testing devices and the lack of a universal plug-and-play interface, most labs still copy, transfer and process data manually. This leads to time-consuming manual data preparation, redundant testing and little automation of testing data analysis.

THE SOLUTION: LabV has developed a customer-centric software that makes manual data management in the lab obsolete and gives lab technicians and quality managers more time for what really matters: working efficiently with the data. LabV intelligently links test equipment and measurement data and simplifies their organization.

How to utilize the data?

LabV® is cloud-based software that will improve the workflow in your laboratory. Fast integration, reliable project management and outstanding interpretation. It is specially designed for material testing labs that want to implement the industry 4.0 paradigm.

Step 1

Import Test Data

Test data is imported into LabV from instruments, regardless of manufacturer, using a patented mapping engine.

Step 2

Organize Measurement Results

In LabV, users can manage their test orders, visualize and release test data.

Step 3

Search Data Base

Data can be exported to various applications for further analysis and reporting.

Become the leading laboratory in your industry by making your data accessible

Lab Automation

Make your testing process more efficient and become the laboratory of tomorrow. 

Better Quality Control
Improve your quality with material insights, intelligent alerts and intuitive data management
Faster Development
Effectively use your lab data to accelerate the material development

All of your data. Organized and secured.

LabV helps you to get the best out of your data:
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