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AI TrendING at analytica and Control 2024

The trade fairs have not only signalled a recovery in the industry but also show how artificial intelligence will transform the sector.

LabV now with AI-based digital lab assistant

The Digital Assistant in the material testing laboratory is now a reality. LabV is the first data platform that gives test labs easy access to artificial intelligence (AI).

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LIMS, CAQ and data management - how to connect your lab title image

How to connect your laboratory

LabV with digital assistant

LabV now with AI-based Digital lab assistant

blog - the digital twin in material development

The digital twin in material development

Quality assurance in the test laboratory - whitepaper Cover page

Whitepaper: The first step towards digitalization in material testing labs

digitalization in material testing - folder

Transforming Quality Assurance: Embracing Digitalization in Testing Labs

Process workshop as first step in data management

From paper to digital transformation: The laboratory process workshop

How materials testing laboratories are preparing for the future

LabV - Labor intelligent vernetzt. Christian Baier, Managing Director LabV

LabV - Laboratory intelligently networked

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