AI – From LIMS to data management

face of the digital lab assistant at LabV

With the breakthrough of ChatGPT in 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced a tremendous hype. What are the implications of AI in today’s testing laboratories? Can they benefit from these advanced technologies, and if so, how?

Lab Software Webinar – German only

Connecting the lab - webinar

In this educational webinar in German language only, you learn how to navigate the software world and benefit from our experience to make the best decision for your lab. From LIMS through to data management platforms.

Whitepaper – AI in the Testing Laboratory

Cover page white paper on Artificial intelligence in the the laboratory

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a growing impact on R&D and quality control. Engineers and quality managers can now gain greater insights into their data, predict material behavior, and develop new materials more efficiently.

Review analytica and Control 2024

After a period of economic uncertainty, the 2024 trade fairs have not only signalled a recovery in the industry, but also shown how revolutionary technologies such as artificial intelligence will transform the sector.

Connecting the lab

blog post lab connection

This guide outlines practical ways to achieve efficient data management in labs, focusing on the adoption of B2B SaaS solutions and IoT technology. It aims to support the digital transformation process, so that they can leverage their data.

AI in the material testing laboratory

AI-powered digital assistant with LabV

The Digital Assistant in the material testing laboratory is now a reality. LabV has created the first data platform that gives test labs easy access to artificial intelligence (AI). Labs can
make their data accessible in an intuitive way.

The digital twin in material development

the digital twin in material testing

For many companies, the days of handwritten records and Excel are still the norm. However, digitalization could enable new approaches in industrial material development. Companies that have taken the plunge know this. A modern data management system pays off. Now labs hope that the AI lab assistant won’t be long in coming.

Embracing Digitalization in Testing Labs

connection the lab blog post

Inefficient manual processes and fragmented digital solutions plague material testing labs, causing data loss, errors, and operational inefficiencies. With disparate equipment and siloed data, integrating solutions like CAQ or LIMS becomes a challenge. How can labs navigate these obstacles to achieve seamless digitization and bolster quality assurance effectively?

Process Workshop

labV process workshops

Scary, but true: almost 90% of all material testing laboratories are unable to use their data intelligently. Many in QC and R&D manage their data using spreadsheets and paper-based data collection. Many laboratories are familiar with the problems associated with this, but how can a holistic and sustainable solution be found in the test laboratory?

Laboratory intelligently networked

LabV - Labor intelligent vernetzt. Christian Baier, Managing Director LabV

Interview with Christian Baier. Managing Director of LabV about the core competencies of the LabV data platform and its possibilities for more efficient work in the laboratory.