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The First AI-Powered Lab Assistant

Showcased at the LIMS Forum 2024 in Mannheim

LabV beim LIMS Forum

When: 20th of November 2024
Where: LIMS-Forum Mannheim (Germany)

Presentation: Artificial Intelligence in the Lab

When: 20th of November 2024, 9 a.m.
Where: LIMS-Forum Mannheim (Germany)

Charles Jouanique

Artificial Intelligence in the Lab – Insights and Lessons Learned

Charles Jouanique


Chief Revenue Officer, LabV

the digital assistant 

At the LIMS Forum

LabV showcases its AI-powered Digital Assistant with next-generation AI to revolutionize your lab experience, transforming your commands into actions with the world’s most advanced lab assistant. It’s seamlessly integrated into our data platform, working with your data to boost productivity and insights.