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How LabV works

From project management to data research and the material database — all is within a single system.

LabV seamlessly integrates into existing systems and processes, automates data capture regardless of method or device, and provides a centralized data overview.

Complete device integration

Connection to IT Infrastructure

Physical testing


Mechan. testing


Chemical testing


LabV integrates with all devices and IT infrastructure as needed


your materials, specifications, sample data and results in one place - for streamlined data transfers, reduced data scatter, testing progress tracking and secured material expertise.


results effortlessly, reduce evaluation effort, enhance material behaviour interpretation, generate certificates automatically, and compare material performances for specific applications.


historical data using the power of AI to eliminate unnecessary testing activities, improve proactivity and close the knowledge gap.

The digital assistant

LabV is bringing the power of next-generation AI to your lab. Our digital assistant combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your lab data to turn your words into the most advanced lab assistant.

Many more FEATURES

LabV — Personalized, Powerful, and Precise Tools

Modern user-friendly interface

Personalized dashboard for every role

Tailored interface configuration for each user

Customizable access management

Flexible templates for testing plan management

Notifications and other collaboration features

Individual customized solution

Centralized material database

The Use Cases

LabV — designed for customers from various sectors and industries

Material development



Frequently Asked Questions

LabV is a secure and effortless datga management platform designed to enhance quality control and development in the testing laboratory.

By directly integrating existing test devices, methods and IT infrastructure, LabV gets rid of spreadsheets and paper, saves money and time in the lab and manufacturing, and keeps past lab data organized.

When evaluating the performance of materials, LabV identifies trends and patterns regarding the quality, accuracy, suitability, functionality, conductivity, flexibility, sustainability, durability, reliability, affordability, structure, and performance of materials in various situations and for various applications of the material development process. In the context of quality control, trends and patterns across multiple production runs are also compared. The frequency of consistency, variability, defects, long term performance stability, quality deviations, as well as comparisons to competitor products and industry standards are indicated.

LabV is a cloud-only software solution and there is no version of our product that can be installed and run on-premises. This eliminates the need for physical infrastructure maintenance, aids in the scalability and flexibility of your project, and offers enhanced accessibility which enables users to access data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection.

LabV integrates seamlessly into existing laboratory processes, automates data capture from various methods and devices, and provides a centralized overview for swift analysis and early anomaly detection.

LabV serves customers from various sectors and industries, offering on trend, tailored solutions to unique challenges in material development, quality control, and process engineering. More specifically, material scientists and engineers, process engineers, research and development managers, quality managers, heads of process engineering centers (CTO), and heads of technology all benefit from the LabV data management system.

LabV is not a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). While both LabV and a LIMS provide a centralized data overview, using automated data analytics, rather than manual processes; a LIMS is simply a data management platform, assisting in the gathering and filing of data. LabV is designed to improve product quality, streamline data analysis with the assistance of our AI- Digital assistant, and focus on data exploitation.

LabV is designed to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring that all testing devices, methods, and data management practices are streamlined.

Turn data into

better products