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Decoding Lab Connectivity

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webinar on connectivity standards in the lab

Decoding Lab Connectivity:

A Comparison of Connectivity Standards


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What you will learn:

Seamless connectivity of all lab devices and instruments is essential for organizing, analyzing, and utilizing data effectively. Yet, achieving this integration is a challenge. Devices from different vendors come with various interfaces and data formats, complicating connectivity. Whether LADS, SILA, AniML, or OPC UA, the array of standards adds another layer of complexity.

Join our webinar for a comprehensive overview of the technologies best suited for your lab. We’ll explore the reasons behind the multitude of standards, the impact of IoT and cloud solutions, and how to choose the right standard for your needs.

Discover how enhanced connectivity can provide a competitive edge in today’s industrial markets by efficiently connecting instruments, automated systems, and processes. Improved connectivity leads to optimized lab processes, resulting in greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Presentation: Charles Jouanique

Charles Jouanique has been in the industry for over 12 years. In addition to developing new digital business models, he is also an entrepreneur and multiple business angel for start-ups. He is currently responsible for Sales & Marketing at LabV, the NETZSCH Group’s latest software start-up.

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