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End the era of spreadsheets and paper documents in your laboratory! 
LabV® offers effortless and secure data management – regardless of existing test devices, methods, and IT infrastructure.

Now also with the power of AI for enhanced insights and better operations.

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Are you still keeping up?

Whether it’s at the pilot plant, in material development, or quality control, laboratories are faced with the same challenges: Enhancing product quality and efficiency by better utilizing their laboratory data. However, paper and spreadsheets still dominate. Yet, where to begin with digitalization?

With LabV. We consolidate data from all testing devices into one place, integrate them into your IT infrastructure and enable the optimization of your tasks and processes.

data chaos in the material testing lab
maximum efficiency with LabV in material testing

Maximum efficiency

LabV is the key to enhancing the efficiency in the laboratory. Analyses, processes, and reports are automated, while also eliminating manual inputs and time-consuming data searches. Your employees focus on what truly matters: quality assurance and product development.

The outcome? A significant time saving in the lab, up to 30% !

Maximum quality

Data is the key to high-quality products. With LabV, you always stay informed and identify trends and anomalies at an early stage. This enables you to react more promptly and before the product quality is affected.

LabV – for efficient quality assurance in the testing laboratory: fewer complaints, increased customer satisfaction, and lower costs.

maximum quality with LabV in material testing
maximum transparency with LabV in material testing

Maximum transparency

Comprehensive data for a comprehensive view of the laboratory – from equipment utilization to sample quantities or product attributes sourced from the material database. With LabV, everything is consolidated at one place.

This is what material development needs: the clarity to identify dependencies in recipe formulations during product development that are often hidden in the data pool. And for quality assurance labs, finding data for handling a complaint is no longer a hassle.

Data-driven success. 

How LabV works

LabV is a user-friendly data management platform that supports laboratories in quality assurance, product development, and at pilot plants. It enables seamless integration into existing processes, automates data capture regardless of method or device, and provides a centralized data overview for a swift analysis and early detection of anomalies.

From project management to data research and material databases – all within a single system.

how LabV works - complete device integration

LabV - Tailored solutions for unique challenges

Customers from various sectors and industries rely on LabV. We comprehend the individual challenges and provide solutions tailored specifically to your laboratory.

Material development

LabV in material development

Quality control

material database in labv

Process engineering

LabV in the pilot plant

LabV - functions for more efficiency


Discover the power of LabV and learn how it can streamline operations in your laboratory.

lab device interface