LabV – The Data Management Platform

Turn data into

better products

Maximum efficiency in the laboratory with

LabV’s insight-driven data management platform

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Lab efficiency is defined by how effectively you organize, analyze and utilize your data 

Scattered data and manual data handling lead to increased data loss, inaccuracies and prolong product development.

Delayed detection of anomalies and correlations, inefficiencies and lack of transparency undermine product quality and drain resources.

Unavailable historical data reduces proficiency, lengthens material development, and consumes experts’ time.

The data platform for your testing lab

With LabV, our goal is to transform every industrial lab into a data hub — a source of insight that improves efficiency, shortens product development cycles and increases product quality.

Any Device, ANY system

Organize your lab data by connecting to any testing device and any existing software using patented automated data mapping.

Analyze trends and patterns for breakthroughs and new insights in material development and quality control.

Exploit insights for precise material development, guiding researchers and engineers towards optimal outcomes and applications, while enabling quality control professionals to reduce defects & waste, enhance quality, and exceed customer expectations.

Performance stability

Performance metrics

Root cause identification

Environmental impact

Process stabilty

Continuous improvement


Structure-property relationships

LabV integrates with all devices and IT infrastructure as needed

from Data integration to exploitation

LabV — designed to harmonize with your workflow effortlessly.


  • Drive efficiency – streamline operations
  • Eliminate errors & focus on core competencies 
  • Manage projects, analyses and sample processing efficiently
  • Automate data input, processes, analysis and reporting


  • Data-driven decisions with a single central database
  • Advanced data analysis and visualizations for informed decisions
  • Centralized database for more insights 


  • Gain deeper insights – elevate outcomes 
  • Search across all historical data to access critical information 
  • Enhance productivity with an AI-supported digital assistant

“With LabV everything is accessible and the data is transferred without errors, which has a value not only for our consistent quality but also for the client”

Robert Rosen


Managing Director at NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik

Turn data into

better products