LabV – The Data Management Platform

Process engineering

Prevent duplicate effort, establish processes quicker.

With LabV you accelerate process development and uncover previously unknown correlations in your data.

Effort-less insights.

Common issues in process engineering

Duplicated effort thanks to a lack of insights

Lack of structure, so that correlations and trends remain unrecognized

Loss of information between test laboratory and technical center

The solution - one single database for everything

Without LabV

process engineering in the past

Data from process and application engineering in the technical center and test laboratory is transferred manually. The result: a lack of transparency, duplicated work and unnecessarily extended development times.

With LabV

process engineering now with LabV

With LabV, everything is in one database that can be accessed by both the technical center at process engineering and the testing laboratory. The outcome: a clear overview, better collaboration and faster recognition of correlations in development.

With LabV, we have fewer tests to carry out and could save 10% on engineering hours

Technical Center Lead


Manufacturer of special coatings

Our features


  • Complete and cross-funcitional connection of all devices and the existing IT infrastructure
  • Collected data from laboratory and development
  • Management of testing orders and analyses


  • Fast data evaluation with integrated statistical functions and visualizations
  • Centralized material database
  • Automated comparison of target values and actual results
  • Identification of correlations and relationships


  • More insightsacross the entire database
  • Comprehensive search function
  • AI-enabled data infrastructure for intelligent predictions on product properties and recipes

Example - material database

The material database contains all target values that can be viewed by the laboratory and pilot plant at the touch of a button. Important information for optimizing the product parameters in the technical centre, and the target values in the laboratory, which can be automatically compared with the measured values. Increased efficiency


Digitalization - step by step

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