Educational Webinars

How Artificial Intelligence Turns Lab and Material Data Into Better Products


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing material development and quality control by enabling engineers and quality managers to analyze data, predict material behavior, and discover new materials efficiently. This technology optimizes manufacturing processes, ensuring cost-effective and high-quality products while automating repetitive tasks for increased productivity. The webinar offers insights into how AI, combined with material and testing data, makes accurate predictions, detects patterns, and identifies defects in manufacturing, making it accessible to labs without advanced software skills.

How LabV revolutionzed the quality assurance at a grinding company


In our webinar in German language, we offer valuable insights into successful digitization strategies in quality management using the example of the grinding company Netzsch Lohnmahltechnik. Discover the potential of a data platform to optimize processes and learn how LabV was able to increase efficiency, minimize errors and improve traceability.

LabV Videos

LabV- connecting everything


We interviewed Dr. Natalie Rudolph at Netzsch Analyzing & Testing in this free video on how material testing laboratories are preparing for the future. 


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