LabV – The Data Management Platform

Quality Control

Reduce waste, react faster.

With LabV you save up to 30% processing time and detect material and production errors more quickly.

Without any effort.

Data management in QA/QC

Common issues in quality control

Manual data entry

Fragmented data

Lack of a standardized data structure

Lack of overview on data, projects and historical data

The solution - complete integration of devices and IT infrastructure

LabV - data management that covers all testing devices as well as the IT infrastructure

“Fewer tests means fewer engineering hours and faster development. With LabV we have a saving of 10% in engineering hours”

Development Manager


Manufacturer of paints and coatings

The solution - one single database for everything

The Digital Twin in the testing lab.

Our features


  • Complete and cross-funcitional connection of all devices and the existing IT infrastructure
  • Collected data from laboratory and development
  • Management of testing orders and analyses


  • Fast data evaluation with integrated statistical functions and visualizations
  • Centralized material database
  • Automated comparison of target values and actual results
  • Identification of correlations and relationships


  • More insightsacross the entire database
  • Comprehensive search function
  • AI-enabled data infrastructure for intelligent predictions on product properties and recipes

Example - Trend identification at your fingertips

LabV allows to identify trends and correlations much easier and quicker than ever before, maximizing the utility of the data pool. Detecting anomalies earlier means less waste and more efficiency.

LabV screenshot


Digitalization - step by step

Learn in the white paper:

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