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Digital TRansformation in paint & Coatings industry

Educational Webinar - On demand - German language

Webinar Farbe und Lackindustrie

The Digital Transformation in the Paint & Coatings Industry


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What you will learn:

In this webinar in German language, we will show you how a mid-size company in the paint and coatings industry is using digital transformation to make formulation development more efficient.

The problems often lie in disparate data storage – characterized by multiple Excel files and paper folders. Not only does this make it difficult to develop and adapt new paint and coating formulations, but it also means that valuable knowledge about past development work often remains unused.

With this in mind, we show how LabV, an innovative digital platform, enables centralized data management. Its implementation not only improves process efficiency and data analysis, but also enables significant time savings. The digital transformation facilitates the seamless integration and availability of data for paint manufacturers as they develop and test existing and new formulations.

Finally, the webinar will discuss how LabV, as a centralized data management platform, paves the way for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce development time, increase innovation potential, and enable targeted development of new formulation variants.

Presentation: Dr Stefan Thomas

Dr. Stefan Thomas specializes in digitalization, AI and Industry 4.0 with a focus on industries such as mechanical engineering, chemicals, polymers, paints, coatings, plastics and metal processing. He studied mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt, completed his PhD in technology management at the University of St. Gallen and was responsible for the digitalization of a family-owned hidden champion in the SME sector. He is co-founder of LabV, a software company in the field of quality assurance, process engineering and materials development, which is part of the NETZSCH Group.

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