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From paper to digital transformation:
The laboratory process workshop

Process workshop as first step in data management

Scary, but true: almost 90% of all laboratories are unable to use their data intelligently. Many of the labs in quality assurance or development manage their data using spreadsheets and paper-based data collection, which brings with it a multitude of challenges. Many are familiar with the problems associated with this, but how can a holistic and sustainable solution be found in the test laboratory?

The challenges in the test laboratory

Many laboratories in German industry are facing the challenge of modernizing their processes and making them more efficient. The pressure is mounting as the degree of digitalization is increasingly becoming a competitive factor. However, digital transformation can be complex, especially in laboratories that are not always at the cutting edge of technology. Modern software solutions must therefore bridge the gap between traditional and modern methods to facilitate integration into existing processes.


The challenges of a lack of digitalization in test labs and quality control processes are indeed manifold and often have a detrimental effect on workflows. Managing data in spreadsheets or on paper can lead to discrepancies, errors and inefficiencies, which can jeopardize the reliability of the data and subsequently the test and analysis reports. Paper records or spreadsheet files make it difficult to access past and present data and lack an overview of what has been tested, when and with what results using which device. Issues in the quality control process or duplicate development work in the development laboratory are often the result. Laborious manual data entry is not only time-consuming, but also carries the risk of transcription errors. When employees retire or move to another department, a lack of transparency and clarity due to complex data structures can lead to challenges in the seamless continuation of the test lab. In addition, ensuring data security can be a challenge for lab managers and staff, as paper-based records or Excel spreadsheets are vulnerable to physical loss, unauthorized access and data breaches.


Many laboratories are aware of these problems caused by the lack of digitization and recognize the need for change. Whether in the pilot plant, development or quality control, companies are faced with the task of increasing their product quality and efficiency by making better use of their laboratory data. However, there is often a lack of a clear path to take the first step towards digitalization – a hurdle that is still causing many laboratory managers to hesitate.



First steps towards digital transformation: the laboratory process workshop

But where do you start? To help quality testing laboratories move from spreadsheets or paper-based data collection to a leaner and more efficient digital approach, LabV offers intensive laboratory process workshops. These workshops are designed to help laboratories make the transition to digitalization.



  • Comprehensive digital assessment

During the workshop, we work together to gain a comprehensive understanding of existing processes and their specifics, and identify current problems in data management. This enables us to jointly develop solutions that meet the specific requirements of the laboratory.



  • Identification of digital entry points

We work closely with you to identify areas where digitalization will have the greatest positive impact on the materials testing laboratory. This may include data management, workflow automation or improving your quality control processes.



  • Customized digital solutions

Following our assessment, we will provide customers with a customized list of digital solutions to help you make a smooth transition from Excel or paper-based data collection. These solutions will be tailored to your individual challenges and requirements.

More than 75% of our customers have first conducted a process workshop before deciding on a new solution. Such a workshop enables laboratories to better understand current processes and challenges and lay the foundation for an informed decision to digitialize the laboratory.

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