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AI in material development and quality control

Educational Webinar - On demand - German language

How Artificial Intelligence Turns Lab and Material Data Into Better Products


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What you will learn:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a breakthrough technology that is starting to make a significant impact on material development and quality control. Engineers and quality managers can now quickly analyze data, predict how materials will behave, and find new ones with desirable properties. Discover how these intelligent tools help optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring cost-effective and high-quality products, while automating repetitive tasks to enhance productivity in the lab. 

Join our webinar to understand how the combination of material and testing data with intelligent algorithms facilitates accurate predictions of material performance, identifies patterns that humans alone might miss and recognizes defects or irregularities in materials during the manufacturing process. Based on real-world examples from the industry, learn how every lab can start using the power of intelligence effortlessly, without requiring advanced software competence.

Presentation: Charles Jouanique

Charles Jouanique has been in the industry for over 12 years. In addition to developing new digital business models, he is also an entrepreneur and multiple business angel for start-ups. He is currently responsible for Sales & Marketing at LabV, the NETZSCH Group’s latest software start-up.

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